Tips For Buying Discount Cookware For The Thrifty Cook

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If you've always wanted to make your family dinner using a nice cookware set but are put off by the high price, you're in luck.  You could still fulfill your dream of becoming a kitchen god/goddess using expensive cookware brands but at a lesser cost.  Discount cookware can be an excellent choice if you want a branded set but are reluctant to pay the high-end tag prices.  But there is an art and a science to buying discount cookware.  Here is a short guide to help you choose the right set for your money:

Buy when cookware sets go on sale

If you've always had your eye on expensive cookware such as copper pots and pans, buy them when they go on sale.  Manufacturers and stores frequently mark down prices for a number of reasons, so it pays to be on the lookout for a sale.  Depending on the season and on the reasons involved, you could get as low as 15% discounts to as high as 75%.  

Look for clearance sales

Clearance sales are terrific for buying discount cookware.  These usually happen when manufacturers are phasing out old stocks, styles and designs to make way for new ones and when retailers want to replace old items on their inventory.   Sure, the cookware you buy may no longer be this season's hottest find but who cares when you have a great set of stuff at an even greater price?

Buy discount cookware from restaurant suppliers

If you're looking for professional cookware, restaurant suppliers are some of the best sources for discount cookware.  Most name brands can be found in these stores and you get a choice as to the styles and designs.

Check out factory outlets

Some of the best discounts you can get are from factory outlets.  Many manufacturers of cookware use their own outlets to promote and market their wares.  You could get new designs at super low prices from these stores, along with great prices on popular items.

Discount doesn't mean damaged

Buying discount cookware doesn't mean skimping on quality.  If it's discounted, at least find out why.  Overruns are usually better deals than, say, factory damaged items.  Before paying for your cookware set, check the items for scratches, dents, cracks and other damages.  If the cookware requires electrical power to run, be especially careful.  Check wirings and connections for any nicks and cuts.  Make sure there are no parts that are burnt or out of place.

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Great cookware comes with a price.  That is, until you're buying discount cookware.  Learn the tips on how to find them.

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